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Formal Political Theory I

Harvard University, 2017 - 2018

Game theory is widely used in political science to analyze strategic interactions in different settings. Each subfield - to a varying degree - has seen game-theoretic concepts enter its vocabulary, and students entering the profession need to grasp the potential and limits of game theory. This course is the first in a two-course sequence in game theory. Students will learn the basic concepts of game-theoretic modeling and how to solve most types of games used in applied work in political science or related disciplines. The main aim is to prepare students to be good “consumers” of game-theoretic work in the substantive areas they work on, with the secondary goal of preparing them to think about writing their own models. In particular, students will leave the course with a working knowledge of games of complete information, to the point where they can write down a (simple) model, solve it, and state some of the model’s empirical implications. Students will also have an introductory knowledge of games of incomplete information.

Economia del Lavoro e delle Risorse Umane

Bocconi University, 2017 - 2018

Il corso fornisce gli strumenti essenziali per comprendere i meccanismi che regolano il funzionamento del mercato del lavoro e le decisioni interne alle imprese nell’utilizzo della propria forza lavoro. In particolare, saranno forniti gli strumenti analitici di base per comprendere il ruolo delle istituzioni e delle politiche pubbliche che influenzano il mercato del lavoro (dalla regolamentazione dei contratti al salario minimo; dai sussidi alla disoccupazione alle politiche sull’immigrazione; dalla formazione agli incentivi all’occupazione). Un’enfasi particolare sarà data all'approccio di political economy, che studia la realizzabilità e il supporto politico ricevuto dalle diverse istituzioni e riforme del mercato del lavoro. La discussione teorica sarà integrata dall'analisi empirica dei mercati del lavoro europei e americano. Saranno anche analizzati alcuni dei temi classici dell’economia del personale dal punto di vista dell’impresa: selezione dei lavoratori, schemi retributivi, orario di lavoro e scelta delle forme contrattuali.

Topics in Politics II

Bocconi University, 2017 - 2018

This course provides, in a seminar setting, the opportunity for students to tackle real-world policy choices taken by political decision makers. Students work in groups and, guided by the instructor, are required to make policy proposals emphasizing the balance between political and socio-economic constraints. Real-world settings are mirrored by simulating parliamentary hearings, political debates, and the like. Based on introductory lecture classes and materials provided by the instructor, the groups are also asked to connect their policy decision(s) to the relevant literature in either political science or political economics. Case studies are decided at the beginning of the course also based on the students’ interests and are drawn from the US, Italian, Spanish, French, UK, or German politics.